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Guideservice at Funen

Find a committed and storytelling guide on Funen, and you will get so much more out of your holiday and your holiday stay on Funen. If you live on Funen, there are also good opportunities to find a local guide who can tell you about exactly the coastal town or the area where you do not move so often.

The Funen guides know the island inside and out and thus they also know all the entertaining and whimsical stories and hidden gems that it can be difficult to find out for yourself, because you just have to know where they are.

Funen market towns
How well do you know the market towns on Funen? In the old days, all school children learned the Funen market towns on strip. We do not do that anymore, but if you holiday on Funen, you will definitely experience more of them up close. If you want to know the history of the city and find the hidden oases in backyards or the best café, then this is where the local guide gives you extra value.

Svendborg is known for its harbor and has a reputation for being a city with many alternative therapists, Faaborg has its bell tower without a church, in Assens the sea hero Peter Willemoes was born, Middelfart houses the Ceramics Museum Clay, formerly called Grimmerhus and in Middelfart there is the beautiful views of both small belt bridges, Bogense is known for its Rosenfestival, Kerteminde for the cherry festival and Nyborg has Nyborg Castle and Nyborg open-air theater. There is a lot going on in the Funen coastal towns and old market towns. Throughout them all are the cozy streets, charming houses with hollyhocks and street mirrors, views of lively and active harbor environment and not least new and modern architecture and homes by the same harbor environments.

Activity for groups
There are really many suggestions for a suitable activity for groups of all ages on Funen. There is a guide ready to share the history of the place with you, and of course it is a good idea to book your guide well in advance, so you get more guides to choose from. If you are waiting for the last minute, your favorite guide can easily be booked by another.

Here you have an overview of tour suggestions on Funen, so you can be inspired and find just the tour that appeals to you and your group the most. You can also book a guide for a trip completely tailored to your wishes. You do this by sending us your wishes for content, and we will find the right guide for you.

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