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Activities at and near Broholm Castle

Here you get an overview of various activities at and near Broholm Castle and others on your way to or from. There are both activities if you only have an hour or two to spend, as well as several activities for a daytrip. If you have any questions or requests for further information about any of the activities, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Activities at Broholm Castle

Stone Age Museum
Broholm's Doll Museum
Rowing boats
Bike rental
Guided tour - Pre-order only
Park and Fairy-Tale Track

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Activities near Broholm Castle

The Archipelago Trail
Lundeborg Harbor & Beach
Fishing & Sailing
Hunting - Pre-order only
"Damestenen" - The Lady Stone
Egeskov Castle
Gorilla Park Svenborg

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Activities & Attractions on Funen

Faaborg City
Øhavsmuseet - Museum on nature
Arresten - The Town Jail
Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane - Travel through time by train
The Svanninge Hills

Odense City
Odense Zoo
Odense Aafart - Sailing in the river
Hans Christian Andersen's House
The Funen Village
Rosengårdcentret - large shopping center
Funky Monkey Park Odense

Nørre Broby City
De Japanske Haver - Japanese gardens

Tommerup City
Danmarks FugleZoo - Bird Zoo

Kerteminde City
Fjord & Bælt - tourist attraction and research institution with the magical sea in focus

Middelfart City
Bridge Walking Lillebælt

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