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Broholm & the History

Broholm is still a private land and forestry, but the main building and the antiquities museum is now open to the public, either through guided tours with a guide or as a beautiful, romantic company premises and atmospheric, inspiring rooms.

After a veritable Sleeping Beauty Sleep Broholm is in 2002 radical restored and modernized to stay for guests seeking a different and exclusive environment for their companies, management and board meetings, retreats brainstormings or residence.

Broholm is extremely idyllic with park, manor house lake, moats and watermill a stone's throw west of Svendborg, Nyborg Way (163) midway between Hesselager and Oure. Apart from Castle Lake lies the museum "Chamberlain NFB Sehested Prehistoric Collection" of 60,000 antiquities, which is now owned and operated by Svendborg & Environs Museum.

H. C. Andersen was a diligent guest at Broholm Castle in the period 1836-1845, when Edel Marie ran the estate at the same time as she raised her son Niels Frederik Bernhardt Sehested. Broholm Castle has laid names to several things. First, Broholmer was the dog breed that the aforementioned N. F. B. Sehested bred from 1850 until his death by gifting these dogs to friends and acquaintances, in return for promising not to mix the breed. Another thing that has been given the Broholm name is the Broholm Rose Apple. The apple is from Broholms Garden which was first noticed in 1866.