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About us at Broholm Castle

We are a small group that all have several functions, so it is only natural that you meet us in several different jobs during your stay. We value hospitality and personal service. We meet everyone with a smile and love to have fun with our guests and tell about Broholm Castle and its history. At Broholm Castle, we are very committed to supporting the locals. We use ingredients in the kitchen and serve local beer, juices, gin and Aqua Vitae in the Restaurant and sell it in the reception.

The Reception

The reception is usually open from 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week. After 5 pm you can ring the bell that sits by the reception door, if the door is locked. Here you get hold of a waiter who helps with questions and the late check-ins. Furthermore, there will always be someone to meet on the phone: +45 62251055.

In the Reception we have a small shop, where we sell a little mixed good, local spirits, and jams and other stuff from own kitchen. We also serve and use much of it in our Restaurant.

Delights from Broholm Castle kitchen

A couple of times a year, the kitchen dishes up various delicacies. Including various jams, pickled nuts, rosehips, apricots, beets, onion compote, biscotti and soy almonds.

We are happy to put together a gift basket with the delicacies and other things from the Reception. We have various applied arts, products and spirits from local distilleries mentioned below.

Mosgaard - Gin & Whisky

Mosgaard Whiskey is beautifully decorated in lovely surroundings on South Funen, in a beautiful and idyllically situated disused farm with views of apple orchards and Langelandssund from our premises.

South Funen is known for its high food quality, and Mosgaard Whiskey will continue to work in this spirit to develop high quality alcohol based on the best organic raw materials. The distillery is a micro distillery with a production of less than 20,000 bottles per year, which allows them to ensure a very high quality in their craftsmanship.

Mosgaard offers tours and tastings. Read more here or ask in the Reception.

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn took the first shaky steps in the summer of 2005 with initial inquiries to the authorities about the possibility of establishing a micro-distillery. Many public bodies have something to say in this regard, but during the autumn of 2006 the last permits were in place and the distillery could begin. The first in Denmark with an Eau-de-Vie-type fruit-wine production.

Aqua Vitae uses the "Broholmer Apple" for its very special apple brandy. Read more here.

Ørbæk brewery

Ørbæk brewery was founded in 1906 by the Madsen family in Ørbæk, in their ownership it was for three generations. The brewery was built as a malt-1906 and white beer brewery in 1914. On Funen, the brewery became especially known for its Stakitøl, which was made from smoke malt from the brewery's own malting plant.

Stakitøl was an over-fermented, dark beer that had a smoky taste. The beer was delivered in five-liter bottles, which were placed in wooden baskets - hence the name Stakitøl. In the late 70s, the Madsen family sold Ørbæk Bryggeri. In the years until 1994, the brewery had changing owners - the change of ownership was due to the increasing competition for beer and soda from larger breweries. In the early 90s, the then owner had to close.

Niels and Nicolai Rømer, took over Ørbæk Brewery in 1996. The brewery was intact; in the beautiful, old buildings there were breweries, tapping columns and much more. After some renovation of machinery and buildings, they took the brewery back into use. Out of respect for the brewery's history and soul, brewing equipment and malting remain untouched, and it gives a historic buzz, which helps to keep them in the belief of a traditional and quality production.

Ørbæk offers tours and tastings. Read more here.