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The Broholm Dog

Broholm has given its name to a rare Danish breed. The Broholmer Dog is interesting, particularly because it is a very old breed whose recognition goes back to the late 1500s.

It was Chamberlain N.F.B. Sehested who from 1850 until his death bred - at the time of decay
this race - a big, strong and muscular dog. To promote the breeding of the dog he gave puppies to people within the country. However, there was the condition that one would love to follow up the breeding. In this way the dog was used widely and became a very common and
treasured dog. With the breed of the Broholmer Dog from N.F.B. Sehested, King Frederik VII and Countess Danner, found what they sought. Both the king and the countess were very happy with the Broholmer Dog and is pictured with their dogs on several occasions.

More information about the Broholmer Dog can be found at the Broholmer Society┬┤s danish webpage here.