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Wine card at Broholm Castle

At Broholm Castle, we offer a wide range of wines from all over the world. All the classic areas are well represented and overseas wine countries can also be found in our wine card.
We offer a wine menu for our evening menu, and in addition we offer more than 25 wines by the glass poured with Corawine which gives You as our guest in Broholm Castle Restaurant the opportunity to add or upgrade our winemenu or even to make You're own winemenu for Your dinner

Wine menu with 3 glasses of wine DKK 385,-
Wine menu with 4 glasses of wine DKK 495,-
Wine menu with 5 glasses of wine DKK 610,-
Wine menu with 6 glasses of wine DKK 725,-
Wine menu with 7 glasses of wine DKK 775,-

In addition, we also serve non-alcoholic alternatives such as organic apple and pomegranate cider, grape must and juice as well as beer - menu with a new glass for each dish on the menu. Several of these are from Naturfrisk which comes from the local Ørbæk Brewery. Read more here.

In the area around Broholm Castle there are several local breweries and distilleries and we offer several varieties of local beer from, for example, Ørbæk Bryggeri, several flavors of gin from the Mosgaard Whiskey distillery and Apple brandy from Aqua Vitae Sydfyn. Read more here.