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A Stay at Broholm Castle

Be ready to step into the past, where you can get into character as a Baron or Baroness at Broholm Castle. The rooms, suites and living rooms form the framework for the upper-class life that is clearly noticeable from the past centuries. Each room has its unique charming style, just as diverse as the people who once inhabited them; which radiates tastefulness and nostalgia as well as gorgeous shiny bathrooms. A night at Broholm Castle is an experience you should treat yourself to at least once in your life.

Let yourself be pampered by the friendly and smiling staff and try a bite of the kitchen's gourmet while exploring the castle, the doll museum and the stone collection, as well as enjoying the views of the moat, park and soothing countryside beyond. Here there is time for immersion as there is no disturbance from television, noisy traffic or too many guests. The beautiful surroundings invite you to a morning jog or walks in the park or around the castle on the "Fairy Tale" track, aswell as there are fishing opportunities and rowing boats to use in the lake and moat. Take your girlfriend, family or friends under your arm and come and experience beautiful Broholm Castle.

Broholm Castle is a member of Danske Slotte & Herregaarde and is happy to accept gift cards issued from there.